Bad Wi-Fi? Try Moving The Router

Photo by Aditya Singh:

Wi-Fi routers aren’t particularly decorative. That often prompts people to hide, or stash the router. That’s not a good idea.

Obstructions can interfere with the signal, so you don’t get all you’re paying for. It’s best to place your router in an open area. Putting it behind the tv, in a corner on the floor, or in a closet will interfere with your signal strength. There are also things it shouldn’t be near. Water can interfere. Don’t place it near an aquarium. Keep it away from the microwave.

It’s best to place it high. 5-7 feet off the floor is optimum.

My router sits atop a 5-drawer chest, about 5 feet above the floor. If your router is well placed, and you still don’t have optimum service, contact your provider.