Lundi Love: 337 Nutrition

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

This week, Mustang 1071 is showing love for 337 Nutrition. 337 Nutrition is a local nutrition shop located on Old Camp road. This is a shopping center just off of Kaliste Saloom and Ambassador.

My son and I were in the market to try a new protein drink. He is a student-athlete at Comeaux High School. Lately, he has been concerned about his health and the food he eats. So we decided to head to over to 337 Nutrition. It has nutrition in the name so we figured they may know a thing or two about health.

When we walked inside, the first thing that caught our eye, was this health monitor machine. It looked a scale. You step on it, enter your weight, height, and age. The machine then calculates BMI, muscle mass and other interesting health facts. This machine is free to use and available for anyone.

Inside the shop, the walls are lined with different types of drink mixes. The mixes are organized by the benefits they provide. Some are for weight loss others are for muscle building. The guy working in 337 Nutrition went into great detail explaining the different types of mixes they sell and even suggested one that would work for my son. He was so knowledgeable and helpful.

We enjoyed our experience at 337 Nutrition and plan on returning. For this reason, we are showing some love on a Monday to 337 Nutrition!