Lundi Love: The Little Big Cup

The Little Big Cup is a little restaurant in Arnaudville. It located right across the street from Russell’s Food Center.

I have seen this restaurant many times while on a bike ride through the countryside of St. Landry Parish. After a recent ride with the Cycle Zydeco group, it was suggested that the group gather and eat a late lunch at the Little Big Cup. We parked in Russell’s parking lot and walked across the street.

The Little Big Cup is nestled in a strip inside an updated old looking building with hardwood floors. I kept thinking that the place must be haunted. Buildings that look like this are always haunted. In the back of the bar was an elegant back patio that overlooked the bayou. This is one restaurant that is very romantic looking.

The servers pushed a few tables together for our huge group to sit down. The menu was on one sheet of paper front and back. I prefer a small menu because too many menu items are often paralyzing. It can take forever to decide.

Most of the time, I try to go with a salad just because I am too worried about calories. But since we had just ridden 30 miles, I picked the chicken waffles. The chicken and waffles consisted of two huge crispy deep-fried chicken breast on top of two Belgian waffles with roasted pecans and a syrupy sauce that smothered the chicken. It was seriously the best meal I had in a while. And a huge portion. It did not come with any sides but I still only managed to wolf down one breast.

Besides the food, the atmosphere was my favorite aspect of this place. So cozy and so southern. My sister ordered the Surf and Turf and her husband order the Watermelon Steak Salad. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of the Surf and Turf but did snap a shot of the Watermelon Salad. We both wrongly assumed that Watermelon salad would include beef steak but instead, the melon was cut into huge triangle steak. He enjoyed the unique combination of flavor that no did not include a beefsteak.

I recommend traveling to the quaint town of Arnaudville, to try out the Little Big Cup. It is definitely worth a drive. We Lundi LOVE it.