Major Brands Create Social Distancing Logos

These unprecedented times may seem surreal, which has changed the rules. It’s a struggle for many people to adjust. Sometimes it takes trusting one another to help us endure these unprecedented times. As the rules are redesigned, many brands also did some redesigns as well. 

Social distancing is a new term coined during this COVID-19 pandemic and the government is stressing that we abide by it. It simply means keeping a physical distance away from one another to prevent the spreading of germs, at least six feet according to the CDC. The information isn’t new but some people are having a hard time following it, some cases are out of people’s control, but others not so much. 

Brands like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Audi redesigned their logos to highlight the importance of social distancing. Many people would assume that brands doing things like this are just trend-jacking and it’s disingenuous. That can be argued, but brands are seen as trustworthy figures to everyone. Everyone has at least one brand that they identify with and trust. Some may be large brands others may be smaller, but everyone has one. 

These brands that partook in the redesigning are already well established, trusted brands that, believe it or not, have a lot of sway in society. They simply altered their logos with the aspects separated. Coca-Cola spaced out the letters on their logo. Audi separated the rings and McDonald’s even split the arches. 

It was some quick thinking for these brands to do this. They were able to get creative and remain relevant. To most people, this may seem silly and irrelevant, but it takes a lot of thought for these brands to properly continue to market and advertise during these times. When doing these kinds of social media pushes especially during a questionable time, brands need to be concerned about creativity, relevance, keeping it interesting to their following and keeping face. It’s very easy to unintentionally create and post something that could be interpreted as insensitive or in poor taste. 

I think we should all appreciate the marketing teams for brands. It’s a difficult time-consuming job. There’s a lot of thought that needs to be made for each design choice. Thank you to all the brands trying to create awareness for something that’s very important. Find a brand that you can identify with and try to observe how they manage their social media.

McDonald’s Iconic Golden Arches Re-imagined

Coca-Cola Demonstrating Social Distancing

Audi’s Rings Keeping a Safe Distance